The Scale Keystone is an unlockable in-game Keystone when you defeat Dalek Emperor in A Dalektable Adventure, in Year 1 of LEGO Dimensions.


The symbol comprises of two circles: one small green circle and one large circle. The two circles are connected by the two lines with broken sections in between them.


The Scale Keystone allows players to change the characters' size to be huge or small by placing them on corresponding color spots: orange for small and green for huge. Each size grants the user special abilities.


When the character is small, he/she can enter the tunnel to complete the puzzle.


When characters are huge, he/she can push up the section of the tunnel and grab the missing section of tunnel and throw at the puzzles to complete it.


  • This mode is teased in LEGO Jurassic World, when Alan Grant and Ellie Satler dug up and discovered the remains of a broken LEGO Gateway.
    • This is rather perplexing due to the fact that Jurassic World is not represented in the main story mode and this Keystone being found in the Doctor Who World.
  • Scale was briefly used by Lord Vortech to enlarge The Tri in Prime Time.
  • Jake and Beast Boy are the only playable characters to be able to solve certain types of Scale puzzles at will without needing to activate the keystone.


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