Secret Areas are rooms that require a special ability to access. There is one such area in every level and about 4 minikits in each, and a Citizen in Peril in some.

Story Levels

Level Area Series Description
Follow the LEGO Brick Road   Munchkin Town The Wizard of Oz To access the area, at the very beginning of the level go backwards and use Silver LEGO Blowup.
Meltdown at Sector 7-G Bedrock The Flintstones To access the area, find a hacking terminal on the left of Mr. Burn's Mansion and use to find a bunch of bricks to build a TARDIS stand to use.
Elements of Surprise Chen's Noodle Factory Ninjago To access it, use a Spinjitzu switch in the first room of Master Chen's maze to open a door.
A Dalektable Adventure Palace of Versailles Doctor Who To access it use Fix-It on blue bricks in the anti gravity room. The Pandorica will appear to use Magic on for bricks to build a TARDIS Stand.
Painting the Town Black Atlantis DC Comics During the Two-Face battle, you will find a small patch of water. Swim under it to go to Atlantis.
Once Upon A Time Machine in the West Hill Valley (2015) Back to the Future When Lord Vortech reveals himself, there is a DeLorean switch on the left side. Use it to access this area.
GLaD to See You Test Chamber 06-08 Portal Instead of going to the shortcut room with Wheatley in test chamber 05, use the Portal Gun at the end of test chamber 05 to access test chambers 06, 07, and 08.
Riddle-earth Silurian Ark Doctor Who In the room with the big doors, on the right of the door on the far right there are junk. Destroy the junk and rebuild it into a TARDIS Stand.
The Phantom Zone Titanic Ghostbusters After the scene with the Ecto-1, go left and find a Spinjitzu Switch. Use it to go to a harbor and use the 3 starter abilities to make a bell to ring and make a ghost Titanic appear. You can use the DeLorean Time Machine to back in time to when everyone was alive.
All Your Bricks Are Belong To Us GSA Base Midway Arcade During the Defender section, you can find a DeLorean switch. Use it to access .
Mystery Mansion Mash-up The Temple Scooby-Doo! In the outside room, use Target on a wall to open a door.
Prime Time Cloud Cuckoo Land The LEGO Movie On the top left corner of Foundation Prime, there is a towable wall. Pull down the wall for a room with a broken gateway. Use Rainbow Build to fix the gateway and enter it.
The End is Tri Bilbo's Birthday (Hobbiton) The Lord of the Rings As soon as you get to Middle-earth, go left to see a bridge break. Fly across the gap and enter a hole
The Final Dimension Destiny's Bounty Ninjago In the back of Foundation Prime, destroy a snake and rebuild it into a Spinjitzu Switch. Use it to create a vortex to destiny bounty

Level Pack

Level Area Series Description
Back to the Future! Enchantment Under the Sea Back to the Future During the section you are plugging in cables, blow up a silver cage to reveal a Locate Keystone . Use it to summon Homer in the Mr. Plow truck to destroy a fence. Go through.
Aperture Science Hidden Testing Chambers Portal As soon as you are in the first testing chamber, you can solve a puzzle far right, with Laser Deflection and X-Ray. It will open a door, you can go through.
The Mysterious Voyage of Homer Orbit City The Jetsons After the cutscene where Homer reviews his day, go backwards and destroy a double decker bus and rebuild it into a TARDIS Stand.
The Dalek Extermination of Earth Black Archive Doctor Who When first outside in Skaro, put out a nearby fire to reveal bricks. Rebuild them into a TARDIS Stand.
Ghostbusters! Dana's Apartment Ghostbusters During the fight with Gozer, use Relic Detector and reveal a Laser Deflector circle and Terror Dogs . Reflect the Terror Dog lasers back at them to open a portal to Dana's Apartment.
Retro Wreckage Paperboy Midway Arcade On the roof of a certain building, use a Flight Dock Switch to start a whirlwind. Go up the whirlwind.
A Book and a Bad Guy The Bear's Party Cave Adventure Time After landing on the temple, go to the left side of the temple where you find the Monster and a red wall. Use Diffindo to cut the red wall and rebuild it into fireworks to make the Monster open its mouth, then jump in.
Mission: Impossible CIA Control Room Mission: Impossible To get this secret area, destroy nearby objects and use the pieces to build onto the sliding track. Once that done, push the vending machine to the end which reveal the vent. Finally, use characters with Slurp Access to pass through the vent.

Sonic Dimensions

Breakfast Kingdom Adventure Time During the Labyrinth Zone section, go the area where you will find the Scale keystone activator. Active the keystone and stand on the moving platform which lead to the surface where the tunnel on your left will be. Shrink down and travel the tunnel to reach another area with Gold LEGO Objects. Use character with Laser Ability to destroy them and rebuild as a portal to the secret area.

The Goonies

The Dalek Emperor (2nd Docter)

Story Pack

Ghostbusters 2016

Level Area Series Description
Paranormal Beginnings The Basement Ghostbusters When you reach the library section, go behind the large picture and destroy the silver chain locking the door.
The Mercado Building Test Chamber 43 Portal Before fighting Rowan, use the Portal Gun to shoot at the portal pad at the entrance and another inside the cage which lead to the portal. 
The Battle for Times Square The Flower Shop Ghostbusters Before fighting Mayhem, go to the flower shop and chop down the vines covering the door, and the door will open.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Level Area Series Description
Accruing Interest Lovegood's Home Harry Potter During the Niffler Basement Chase, approach to the Sword Switch and use a character with Sword Switch Ability to activate a portal in a bank vault. Jump into the portal to enter to the location.
A Walk In The Park Red Dwarf Red Dwarf Before catching the Niffler, walk all the way to the right where you will find the TARDIS Pad. Use the TARDIS to access it and travel to the location.
Demiguise Double-Cross S.T.A.R. Labs The Flash Before capturing Dougal, destroy the panel which reveal the electrical cricus, use a character with Fuse Box Ability to intercept it and activate the elevator. Once the elevator is opened, use the TARDIS to activate the TARDIS Pad and travel to the location. 

The LEGO Batman Movie

Level Area Series Description
The Fortress of Solitude Superman's Man Cave The Lego Batman Movie To the right of the laser deflection needed to get in to the centre of the Fortress is a Special Fuse Box. Use or hire Ethan Hunt to blow the fuse and disable the laser bars.
Arkham Attack Study - Before fixing the elevator to take you down to Joker's holding cell, go up the stairs and to the left is a TARDIS Pad.
The Phantom Zone The Phantom Zone The LEGO Batman Movie When navigating the gravitational maze, use a character with Silver LEGO Blowup ability to reveal a portal in the floor. Walk over it to fall through to another area.


  • The GSA base is from Defender 3D (aka, Defender 2002). It has the same features as it did in the game, as well as the spaceships.
    • The date to get there is September 27th, 2015. This is the date LEGO Dimensions released in the U.S.
    • This has been confirmed by a retweet by the LEGO Dimensions Twitter account.
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