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Sonic the Hedgehog World
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Location information
Name Sonic the Hedgehog World
Franchise Sonic the Hedgehog
Red Bricks 1
Gold Bricks 28
Renovations Restore the Chao Balloon?
Restore the snowboard hut?
Restore Tails' workshop?
Restore the Big and Froggy Turrets?
Restore the Eggmobile Ride?
Unlock the Jukebox?
Quests A Floral Dilemma
Rose to the Rescue
Tale of Tails
LEGO Dimensions & Knuckles
Big's Big Fishing Adventure 4
Eggman's Master Plan
Races 7

The Sonic the Hedgehog World is one of the 16 worlds from Year 2 featured in LEGO Dimensions. This world was not accessible until the release of Wave 7 due to Sonic the Hedgehog being unavailable at the time.





  • Restore the Chao balloon (40,000 studs)
  • Restore the snowboard hut (30,000 studs)
  • Restore the Tails' workshop (30,000 studs)
  • Restore the Eggmobile ride (50,000 studs)
  • Restore the Big and Froggy turrets (50,000 studs)
  • Unlock the jukebox (15,000 studs)



  • Any character that enters the Sonic the Hedgehog World will get a sort of bright, lightly cel shaded, fabric like look to them.
  • In the Wii U version of the game, it struggles to keep a balanced frame rate due to the Wii U not being powerful enough.
  • The Sonic the Hedgehog World is the only SEGA franchise in LEGO Dimensions.
    • This is also the first time Sonic or any SEGA franchises have been in a LEGO game.