Terr-ing Up the Place is a quest found in the Teen Titans Go! World given by Terra.


Starting the Quest 

"Last time I was here I left my flash drive behind, I thought I'd just be able to come here and get it back but for some strange reason nobody seems to believe that I'm reformed. Maybe it's the whole infiltrating their secret database thing.
Speaking of secret databases, that's where I left my flash drive. Next to the secret computer. I'd ask you to go and get it for me, but I wouldn't want to burden you with carrying it - so uh... maybe you can take me to it and I can get it myself?" - Terra upon starting the quest

Finishing the Quest

"UGH! That's it! I did not climb out of that trash dimension just for this to happen again. I'm out of here. And this time I've got all the data I need to- hang on...
Security protocol 14 activated? They realize if I wanted to I could put a hole in the building to get out of here right?
In fact I'm pretty sure that whatev- Ew... What's that smell?" - Terra upon finishing the quest


Lead Terra to the database of Titans Tower to obtain her "flash drive".

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