This is the transcript page for the level The Battle for Times Square.

Outside the Mercado Building

  • Agent Hawkins: All right, everybody. There's no need to worry. We have this under control.
  • Agent Hawkins: Huh.
  • Kevin: Hello. Oh dear brave men and women of the protection services industry, I would like to see you dance.
  • Kevin: Ahhh, it's the Ghostbusters!
  • Kevin: Let's give em a proper New York welcome, shall we?
  • Kevin: Boop! Welcome to the glory days of New York City! Have fun!
  • Abby Yates: Ok, power up.

Encounter with Ghosts

Mayhem Defeated

  • Abby Yates: You know what?!. I'm glad I didn't know any of you when you were alive, cos I don't enjoy any of you... Especially you.
  • Erin Gilbert: Let's go. We gotta save our energy. C'mon, let's go.

New York

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