This is the transcript page for the level The Dalek Extermination of Earth.

London, 2025

  • Dalek: Time capsule detected!
  • Dalek: Battle computers estimate a ninety-seven percent chance that it is The Doctor!
  • Davros: Oh, I think we can up that to one-hundred percent. However, I give you my word - this time...
  • Davros: ...there's a zero percent chance of The Doctor's survival!
  • Dalek: Do not resist the will of the Daleks! All humans must present themselves for processing!


  • Twelfth Doctor: Just need to find the temporal origin of this ship..,. Ah, got you!
  • Twelfth Doctor: And then one more pick-up before I shut this off for good.

Davros Defeated

  • Twelfth Doctor: For future reference, it's a really bad idea to route all your targeting software through a single computer node!
  • Dalek: Weapons targeting is being over-ridden! I cannot control! I cannot control!
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