This is the transcript page for the episode The Dimensions Crisis.

Titans Tower

  • Cyborg: Booyah! We did it, bro! We did it!
  • Beast Boy: Yeah we did!
  • Robin: Wow! Nice model, guys!
  • Beast Boy: Yeah but Cyborg did most of it. Hope I'm as good as him some day.
  • Raven: So... What's all this brick stuff?
  • Starfire: Did you not play with the building bricks of the plastic as a child, Raven?
  • Raven: Not really. My dad was more into destroying universes; not some much into construction.
  • Beast Boy: Really? You're missing out, mama! How about entering the building competition with us tomorrow? There's cool prizes and everything!
  • Cyborg: Only problem is, we don't have any more bricks left!
  • Raven: That's okay. I think I have an idea how to get some more.
  • Raven: Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!

LEGO Titans Tower

  • Robin: Woah, what happened?
  • Cyborg: Oh, man! Everything's all "brick-shaped" and stuff!
  • Beast Boy: Dudes! My hands are like claws but I ain't even a lobster right now!
  • Cyborg: Beast Boy! Where's your nose?
  • Beast Boy: What? *gasp* Nooo...!!! My nose-picking days are over, dude! OVER!
  • Starfire: We all appear to be infected? What is the gives?
  • Raven: Relax, guys. I used the model to take us to a building brick realm. Now I'll have everything I need to win that contest.
  • Cyborg: Really? You couldn't have just brought some more?
  • Beast Boy: Hey, I don't mind, Rae-Rae! This place sounds awesome!
  • Robin: Uh-oh, crime alert! Titans, GO!

LEGO Jump City

  • Cyborg: Dude! Those are Gremlins! Actual gremlins!
  • Robin: Wait... The Powerpuff Girls?
  • Blossom: You guys again? I thought this city looked familiar.
  • Robin: What's going on, Blossom?
  • Blossom: Mojo Jojo. He released gremlins into Townsville and some managed to escape into this dimension using that Gateway.
  • Bubbles: You nice super heroes will gather up the rest of them, won't you?
  • Buttercup: Based on our last team up, I wouldn't count on it.
  • Cyborg: Wait! Are you saying that thing can take us into movies from the '80s?
  • Blossom: Yeah, they can take you to all sorts of worlds but shouldn't we...?
  • Raven: Wow. I guess it would be pretty cool to meet Betelgeuse.
  • Cyborg: Who?
  • Raven: Betelgeuse.
  • Cyborg: One more time?
  • Raven: BETELGEUSE!
  • Betelgeuse: Whoa-hoa-ho-hoah! That was crazy! Say!!! Who are you guys, huh? Whaddaya want?!
  • Raven: Oh... my gosh! You're him! You're Betelgeuse! The "Ghost with the Most"!
  • Betelgeuse: That's right, babe. And you are...?
  • Cyborg: We're the Teen Titans, dude! Renowned super heroes.
  • Betelgeuse: Super heroes, huh? That doesn't sound good. Could get in my way.
  • Beast Boy: What was that?
  • Betelgeuse: Oh, nothing. Say, any of you folks up for a little inter-dimensional fun?
  • Beast Boy: You know it, bro!
  • Raven: Yeah, we are!
  • Robin: Sounds like a plan to me!
  • Cyborg: Booyah!
  • Starfire: I would also appreciate the opportunity for a time of the fun.
  • Betelgeuse: That's what I like to hear! Let's go!
  • Bubbles: They're not coming back, are they?
  • Buttercup: Told ya.

The Wizard of Oz World

  • Starfire: Ooh, this land is so full of the wonder! The bright colours! The smiling faces! The spontaneous dance choreography!

The Goonies World

  • Cyborg: Whoooooo-hoooo...!!!

The LEGO Batman Movie World

  • Robin: Ha! Too easy!
  • Robin: Man, they sure know to treat heroes in THIS version of Gotham City!
  • Robin: Oh hey, Batman!
  • Robin: Oh, right. Forgot about that. Guess I'm not much better at driving the Batmobile in this dimension.
  • Robin: Ok, people! Outta my way! Coming through! Look out! Super hero business!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them World

  • Beast Boy: Thanks for letting me work on my building skills, Newt my dude!
  • Beast Boy: That should do it! Another quality construction from the one and only fantastic Beast Boy!
  • Beast Boy: Uh, you got this right...? See ya!

Beetlejuice World

  • Raven: So that's my problem, Betelgeuse. Any advice on how to become a better builder?
  • Betelgeuse: Hmm... Okay, how about we use our magic to build something together?
  • Raven: Magic, huh? Sounds good but wouldn't that be cheating?
  • Betelgeuse: Of course not! It's only cheating if you get caught! Hahahahaha!
  • Raven: Hahaha... Gotta love that evil laugh.

The Wizard of Oz World

  • Starfire: The fun! The joy!
  • Random Person: Did you see that? She's a witch!
  • Starfire: Oh, what a world...

The Goonies World

Return To LEGO Jump City

  • Robin: Phew! I think I lost 'em. What are you guys doing here?
  • Cyborg: The Goonies are mad at me.
  • Starfire: The Land of Oz believes that I am the evil.
  • Beast Boy: Let's just say my building skills need a little improvement.
  • Robin: So, what about Raven? Where is she?
  • Raven: Hey, check it out! My first ever model! Pretty cool, huh?
  • Robin: Wow, Raven! How did you build that?
  • Betelgeuse: Using her magic probably helped.
  • Raven: Betelgeuse? You said you wouldn't tell.
  • Betelgeuse: It's too bad, really. 'Cos I happen to know a thing or two on magic...
  • Betelgeuse: ...not to mention, a little mischievous irony! Hahaha!
  • Raven: Tricking me into building him a giant, evil gargoyle? Probably should have seen this coming. Sorry, guys.
  • Robin: That's okay, Raven! We can blame you later. Right now, it's time for action! Titans, GO!
  • Cyborg: Heeeeyy... Yoooouu... Guuuuys...!!!
  • Starfire: I'll get you, Betelgeuse... And your giant gargoyle too...!!!
  • Raven: Azarath... Metrion... Zinthos!
  • Raven: No way! This thing feeds off my magic? Any ideas?
  • Cyborg: Hold up. That thing's made of building bricks, right? So if we use our imaginations we can build something to fight it with!
  • Raven: Hey, you're right, Cyborg!
  • Robin: Yes! That's it! Titans, BUILD!
  • Robin: Nice going, Cyborg! Woooaahh!
  • Cyborg: Don't worry, Robin! I'll save...WHOAH!
  • Cyborg: Beast Boy! You gotta re-build the car.
  • Beast Boy: But I don't know how, dude! You're the better builder!
  • Cyborg: You gotta try! I believe in you!
  • Starfire: Perhaps it is time for me to show who is the master of the building!
  • Cyborg: Yeah!
  • Robin: Yes, Go, Starfire!
  • Beast Boy: Hey, dudes!
  • Beast Boy: Not too shabby, huh?
  • Robin: How is a forklift gonna help us defeat Betelgeuse?
  • Beast Boy: Uh... Guess you got a point there, bro... but it's still pretty sweet, right?
  • Robin: Just build something else, Beast Boy! Quick!
  • Cyborg: Man, don't stifle his creativity? You can do it, Beastie!
  • Cyborg: Starfire!
  • Beast Boy: Hey!
  • Cyborg: Nice going, Beast Boy!
  • Raven: Normal spells won't work I bet a little magic from THIS book will!
  • Betelgeuse: Well, buddy... We had a good run.
  • Raven: Azarath... Metrion... ZINTHOS!
  • Robin: Great work, team. Nice thinking back there, Raven.
  • Starfire: Yes, I am certain you are now well prepared for the contest of the building tomorrow.
  • Raven: Maybe but I'd kinda like to get in a little more practice before we go home.
  • Cyborg: Sounds cool. Don't see any reason to leave in a hurry anyway!
  • Starfire: Perhaps we did not leave everyone with the most positive impression of ourselves.
  • Starfire: Um. Hello, wonderful people made of the plastic building bricks. I...
  • Starfire: It appears I am unable to reason with them. We must go now.

Return To Titans Tower

  • Beast Boy: Knew we shouldn't have encouraged her.
  • Cyborg: We might have still won it if SOMEONE hadn't re-built our model into a unflattering portrait of the judge, Beast Boy!
  • Beast Boy: What are you talking about? I didn't do that!
  • Raven: Oh, yeah. That was me.
  • Cyborg and Beast Boy: WHAT?
  • Raven: My dad didn't let me play with building bricks but he did teach me to win at all costs.
  • Raven: I regret nothing.
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