"I will make Universes collide!"
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As you can see - Nothing can stop us. Lord Vortech's one, true dimension will be a reality.
— The Tri
The End is Tri is a playable level in LEGO Dimensions.

 Story Mode Plot

After escaping from the Tri on Foundation Prime the trio arrive at Vorton to discover a damaged X-PO who tells them he has set up the gateway to take them to the Tri in hopes of stopping it before it and Lord Vortech collapse all the dimensions into one. After leaving the rift Wyldstyle realises they are on The Octan Tower except gravity is all wrong and they are standing on the building's side as it is pulled into a red rift. The Tri appears and attacks the trio knocking them back and then it activates a Keystone. Just before the trio can reach the Tri it pulls them through a rift into the Lord of the Rings world. After navigating through this world the Tri once again pulls them through a rift this time taking them to Gotham City.

At the end of the level you must fight against The Tri in Gotham while two dimensions merge together in the background. During the fight the trio break into the Tri's body and rescue one of the captured sidekicks, this happens three times and once all three are rescued they attempt to escape. Batman discovers a piece of Vortech inside and throws a batarang at it causing it to implode destroying the Tri and almost the heroes who narrowly escape through a rift.


Citizens in Peril

Rule Breaker

Abilities needed to complete the Level 100%


  • This is the only stage to take place in multiple dimensions as it features rift segments transporting the player to other dimensions.
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