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The Energy Plant is the first chapter of the 71264 Story Pack.

Story Plot

We start the level with The Joker and a range of villains driving towards the Gotham Energy Plant. When a security member asks them for I.D., The Joker pulls out a card that sprays gas into the guard's face. Just before he passes out, he raises the alarm so the authorities can get there to deal with The Joker.

We then see a Gotham News report where a reporter tells us that The Joker has once again plagued Gotham City (The LEGO Batman Movie) into chaos, this time attacking the energy plant. The reporter also tells us that the Mayor has agreed to meet with The Joker to hear his demands, via being lifted up by a helicopter and being lowered into the Energy Plant.

At the energy plant, the mayor reveals to The Joker that he‘s secretly Batman (The LEGO Batman Movie) in an impeccably well done disguise. The Joker then orders the villains to get Batman (The LEGO Batman Movie). The levels start and Two-Face's Henchman attack you defeat them then use your Batarang to get the two next to Two-Face (The LEGO Batman Movie). Then Scarecrow comes down and says if he can scare up a win on the back of his vehicle there is a Batarang Switch activate it and then Scarecrow will crash into the object Two-Face (The LEGO Batman Movie) then there will be a picture of Batman (The LEGO Batman Movie) in the middle of the little island you are standing on press on it and you will be asked to build the Batwing. After building the Batwing a Tow Bar spot will appear to use the Tow Bar to destroy the platform and then he will stay on the little bit of the platform that remains attack him with your Batarang a short cutscene will appear which means you have defeated Two-Face (The LEGO Batman Movie)

Suddenly Two-Face (The LEGO Batman Movie) will fall to the ground and some vegetation will appear in the middle there will be Poison Ivy to the left of your character will be a car and a symbol destroy the car and it will turn into a Keystone Chooser for the Phase Keystone firstly bring in the Blue Phase part from Jurassic World above the Pteranodon there is a grapple hook use it then the Pteranodon will fly it above the left thorne it will then destroy the left thorne with an oil container then bring in the Orange Phase Part to bring in a pig cannon from LEGO City: Undercover use a Batarang to activate the cannon and destroy the right thorn then the Penguin's Goons will appear to activate the Purple Phase Part from The Lord of the Rings shoot a penguin it will land on the cannon and shoot up into Poison Ivy who will then kiss the penguin killing it then it will go into a cutscene.


Citizens in Peril

Rule Breaker

Abilities needed to complete the Level 100%

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Differences from the movie

  • In the beginning of the movie, the Joker arrives in an airplane he breaks into; in the beginning of the level of the Story Pack, he arrives in his Notorious Lowrider. He even affects a man in a Toll Booth with sleeping gas from a play card.
  • In the level, Batman only suggests Bane as someone who pushes him into one-upmanship, rather than the Joker; in the film, he also suggests Superman, which Joker confuses for him suggesting Superman is Batman's arch-enemy. Batman also only tells the Joker that he doesn't care about him, rather than that he doesn't care about anyone.
  • In the movie, Batman disables the Joker's bomb off-screen by cutting one of the wires on it; in the level, he disables it by punching and breaking the bomb's countdown clock.
  • In the level, Batman is picked up by Alfred outside the power plant and heads directly to Commissioner Gordon's retirement party. In the film, he heads home and the retirement party is the next evening.
  • In the level, Batman has a hard time trying to get his mask off his head on the way to the retirement party; in the film, he has no trouble removing it, he just doesn't want to.
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