This is the transcript page for the level The Energy Plant.

Outside the Gotham City Energy Plant

  • Prison Guard 2: What the?
  • Prison Guard 2: Authorized personnel only.
  • Prison Guard 2: Can I see some ID please sir?
  • The Joker: My card!
  • Prison Guard 2: Gas! Gaaaahh!
  • The Joker: Hee-hee-hee!
  • The Joker: Hahaha!
  • Prison Guard 2: Must....Raise....Alarm....

News Report

  • Stacey: Breaking news here in Gotham as The Joker once again plunges into the city Into chaos, this time aided and abetted by a group of less memorable villains.
  • Stacey: Chad Brookingham here with the details.
  • Chad: Big bomb. Power plant. Everyone doomed.
  • Stacey: Thanks, Chad. And we’ve just been informed that the Mayor has agreed to meet with the Joker in the Gotham Energy facility to hear his demands.
  • Stacey: More on that as it develops. In the meantime back to our lead story, Chad?
  • Chad: Thank you, Stacey. We’re now entering hour twenty-one of kitten in a tree—

Police Van

Into the Gotham City Energy Plant

Poison Ivy Defeated

  • Batman: That’s the best you’ve got, Joker?
  • The Joker: Of course not!
  • The Joker: But maybe I relied on the old team too much. As your greatest enemy I need to push you more methinks.
  • The Joker: So lets give this computer a cold to slow you down.
  • The Joker: Did you bring any chicken soup Batman?
  • Batman: Chicken soup? For a virus? Prepare to be rebooted. With my actual boot.
  • Batman: Boop beep boop boop!
  • The Joker: Elevator inoperative.
  • The Joker: Have a nice day.

Clayface Defeated

  • Batman: I got you!
  • The Joker: Oh yeah? Well, there’s only one problem. Who’s gonna defuse the bomb?
  • The Joker: It’s gotta be one or the other, Batman. Save the city, catch your greatest enemy.
  • The Joker: You can’t do both.
  • Batman: You think you’re my greatest enemy?
  • The Joker: Yes! Who else drives up to one-up them the way I do?
  • Batman: Bane?
  • The Joker: No he doesn’t!
  • The Joker: Are you seriously saying than there is nothing, nothing special about us?!
  • Batman: Let me tell you something, sister. There is no us.
  • Batman: Never has been. Never will be.
  • Batman: You’re a clown. Who means nothing to me.
  • Batman: Now, if you’ll excuse me, I gotta defuse that bomb.

Outside the Gotham City Energy Plant

  • Batman: Please, you’re all welcome.
  • Male Gotham Citizen: Batman, a few words?
  • Batman: I have to go.
  • Alfred: Master Bruce, you’re going to be late for Commissioner Gordon’s retirement gala.
  • Batman: But I was Batmanning!
  • Batman: Fine!
  • Alfred: And you’re not going as Batman.
  • Batman: You are so unreasonable!

News Report in Alfred’s Car

The Batcave

  • Batman: What the— what happened last night?
  • Alfred: What didn’t happen, sir?

News Report in the Batcave

  • Stacey: Gotham City is still reeling from the events of last night, when the Joker handed himself and his fellow villains over to the authorities, after gate-crashing Commissioner Gordon’s retirement party.

The Batcave

  • Batman: Wait a minute, Joker gave himself up?

News Report in the Batcave

  • Chad: Indeed, amazing scenes.
  • Chad: And on the subject of the gala, all of us here at the Network would like to congratulate Barbara Gordon on becoming our new Police Commissioner.
  • Chad: I’m sure Jim Gordon looked far and wide before recommending his own daughter for the job.

The Batcave

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