This is the transcript page for the level The Final Showdown.

The Mercado Building

  • Abby Yates: This might be the crazy bunch but I think he's got that machine up and running again. C'mon.
  • Abby Yates: Oh, Kevin!
  • Kevin: Is that what this things name is? It seems more like a Chet to me.
  • Kevin: He's all yours.
  • Rowan: What form would you prefer I take?
  • Patty Tolan: Well, I'll tell you what I prefer. I prefer something nice and cute like a friendly ghost.
  • Rowan: Oh, is this what you want? Something more familiar?
  • Patty Tolan: Thank you very much for being reasonable.
  • Abby Yates: This isn't good.
  • Patty Tolan: What part of small and friendly did he not understand?
  • Abby Yates: Run. Run.
  • Abby Yates: Come on! Don't let him get away.
  • Patty Tolan: I sure hope these things can stop him.

Into the Connection Dimension

  • Abby Yates: We need to reverse the portal. It's gonna take a insane amount of energy.
  • Patty Tolan: Yooo, what about that nuclear thing on the top of the car?
  • Jillian Holtzmann: If we can get those reactors super critical inside of the vortex the beta radiation could 180 the polarity.
  • Abby Yates: It'll turn the portal into a ghost trap. Nice thinking, Patty.
  • Erin Gilbert: It's working!
  • Erin Gilbert: He's too strong We can't let the portal close with him still here.
  • Abby Yates: Alright ladies, let's loosen his grip.
  • Erin Gilbert: Abby, hang on! I'm coming.
  • Patty Tolan: The portal's closing!
  • Abby Yates: Erin.
  • Erin Gilbert: I wasn't going to leave you twice.
  • Erin Gilbert: We need that rope, it's our ticket out of here!

Rowan Defeated


  • News Reporter: In the aftermath of the events, authorities are still trying to understand what happened in Times Square and throughout the city.
  • News Reporter: The big question is, was it the four women who refer to themselves as Ghostbusters, who actually thwarted the attack? We may never know.
  • Jennifer Lynch: Sorry I am late.
  • Jennifer Lynch: We wanna thank you.
  • Jennifer Lynch: Actually we would like to continue to study this subject fully funded. You know we need to be better prepared, just in case.
  • Jennifer Lynch: Whatever you need going forward. Anything at all.
  • Erin Gilbert: Anything?
  • Patty Tolan: Oh, now we are talking.
  • Jillian Holtzmann: Second floor's mine.
  • Patty Tolan: You can't claim a whole floor.
  • Jillian Holtzmann: I just did!
  • Abby Yates: Not bad, ghost girl.
  • Erin Gilbert: Thank you, and I proudly take that title.
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