This is the transcript page for the level The Final Showdown.

News Report

  • Stacey: ...with the ball of wool having failed to tempt it down, experts have reconvened to discuss other options.
  • Stacey: Chad?
  • Chad: Thanks Stacey. In other news, the group of terrifying villains which have plagued Gotham--
  • Stacey: Wrong mood, Chad.
  • Chad: plagued Gotham have returned from Wayne Island with the intention of blowing up the power station again, nd with it, the city.
  • Chad: With so much at stake we're forced to ask, where are you, Batman?
  • Chad: Oh, apparently he's there.

Gotham City Streets

The Gotham City Energy Plant

  • Robin: What now, Bat-pops?
  • Batman: That depends on how Barbara is doing...

On the top of the Gotham City Energy Plant

  • Voldemort: Stop moving around, mudbloods.
  • Batgirl: Alright, team, let's shut him down!
  • Batgirl: It's over, no-nose! Give us the projector!
  • Voldemort: Over my destroyed horcrux!

Voldemort Defeated


  • Batman: Look alive Robin!
  • Robin: You did it!
  • Batgirl: We all did it.
  • Batman: As a team.
  • The Joker: Oh, very touching. But I've got two words for your team.
  • The Joker: "Backup plan!" Hahahaha!
  • Batman: No!!!
  • Batgirl: No!!!
  • Batgirl: What are we going to do?!
  • Batman: What you taught us! We work together!
  • Batman: Everyone, form a ladder!
  • Batman: Now bend!
  • Batman: No!
  • Batman: I can't... reach...
  • The Joker: Don't you ever give up, Batman?
  • Batman: Joker, please - help us!
  • The Joker: No! You ruined everything Batman. All I wanted was a stupid label on this relationship.
  • The Joker: At least this way I'll go out knowing I'm your greatest enemy!
  • Batman: Shut up! You're not my greatest enemy!
  • The Joker: Yeah, you've been very clear about that.
  • Batman: You're more than that.
  • Batman: You're the reason!
  • Batman: You're the reason I push myself so hard to fight you costumed freaks.
  • Batman: And if it wasn't for your crazytown plan, I never would have learned how connected I am with all of these people.
  • Batman: And the one I'm most connected to, is you.
  • Batman: But if this city is destroyed today, there wont be any more Batman and Joker.
  • Batman: So help me save Gotham City. Help me save us.
  • The Joker: You said us.
  • Batman: What do you say, Joker?
  • The Joker: You had me at "shut up.".
  • Batman: Now PULL!
  • The Joker: Batman, did you really mean it when you said I was your greatest enemy?
  • Batman: Yes, I'll fight you for the rest of my life, you deranged lunatic.
  • The Joker: That was beautiful.
  • The Joker: Sorry, will you guys accept me back as your friend?
  • Batgirl: Wait, are we just going to let these criminals go?
  • Batman: Let's face it, Commish, those guys are no match for us.
  • Batman: We'll give them about a thirty minute head start.
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