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The Fortress of Solitude is the second chapter of the 71264 Story Pack.

Story Mode Plot


Justice League Party

The Atomic Cauldron

Differences from the movie

  • In the movie, Dick Grayson becomes Robin when choosing the Reggae Man suit while looking for a suit to wear in Batman's suit closet when Batman invited him to join him on his mission to get the Phantom Zone Projector. While in the level, he gets in the suit by falling into the Batcave landing in a box with the suit in it.
  • In the movie, Dick gets into the Batcave by siding down a pole, while in the level, he gets into it by sliding down in a vent.
  • In the movie, Batman and Robin arrive at Superman's Fortress in the Batwing, while in the level, they arrive there in the Batmobile.
  • When Batman sees the party that Superman invited all the DC Superheroes to, Superman says Batman's invitation must have got lost in the mail, and also tells Batman to enjoy the party. Superman doesn't say those lines in the movie.
  • When Batman arrives in Superman's Fortress, Robin falls from the ceiling onto the floor in the middle of Superman's party and Superman sees him, and Batman tells him he's his plus one. He doesn't fall from the ceiling onto the floor in the middle of the party causing the DC Heroes to see him in the movie. Also in the level, Superman doesn't let Batman take a picture of him and all the other DC Heroes together like in the movie.
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