This is the transcript page for the level The Fortress of Solitude.

The Batcave

  • Batman: Computer, how do I put The Joker in the The Phantom Zone?
  • Computer: Joker can only be put in the Phantom Zone using the Phantom Zone Projector.
  • Computer: Current location of the Phantom Zone Projector is at Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, deep inside the atomic cauldron.
  • Computer: However, biometric analysis indicates only a object with a two-point-three-one centimetre circumference can enter the cauldron.
  • Batman: I can’t fit in there with these darn shoulders. I’m way too buff.
  • Computer: Additionally, once inside the cauldron, multiple Kryptonian defense system engage.
  • Computer: Including the acid moat, ring of napalm, jaws of death.
  • Computer: Chance of total mission failure is one-hundred-and-ten percent.
  • Batman: Those are not great odds. Wait a minute.
  • Batman: Hey, kid!
  • Robin: Yes, sir?
  • Batman: Hmm. Follow me.
  • Batman: By the way, it’s not cool to borrow someone’s clothes without asking first.
  • Robin: Sorry.
  • Robin: Uh, shouldn’t we check with Bruce Wayne that it’s okay for me to go with you?
  • Batman: Nah, it’s okay. We’ve actually shared custody of you.
  • Robin: Hot diggidy dog!

The Fortress of Solitude

Into The Fortress of Solitude’s Atomic Cauldron

  • Batman: Are you ready to do this?
  • Robin: I was born ready—
  • Robin: Oh, hang on, my shoelace.
  • Robin: (HUMS TO HIMSELF)
  • Robin: Sorry, I was born re—
  • Robin: Oh, my other shoelace.
  • Robin: Okay, I was born—
  • Batman: Just move!

The Fortress of Solitude’s Atomic Cauldron

Outside the Arkham Asylum

  • Batman: We should be in and out in no time.
  • Prison Guard: It’s Batman! Oh my gosh, thank heavens you’re here!
  • Batman: Got an escape, huh? Don’t worry, I’ll get on it, but first if you could stand aside we need to—
  • Prison Guard: Me and my friends here have a doozy of a problem and you are just the guy to solve it, What with your obvious costume building prowess.
  • Batman: No, sorry. I just need to —
  • Prison Guard: See, we’ve ordered a life-sized Balorg for our role-playing session this weekend but only part of it appears to have turned up.
  • Batman: It’s actually important that we—
  • Prison Guard: If you could find where that other truck has gotten to and put it all together for us, well, we would do anything for you.
  • Batman: Does that includes shutting up and letting us past?
  • Prison Guard: Sure!
  • Batman: Fine.
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