The Goonies
The Goonies is one of the many franchises featured in LEGO Dimensions for Year 2. It is based on the 1985 cult-classic adventure comedy film with the same name.


When brothers Mikey and Brand's house faces foreclosure, they and their friends (together known as "The Goonies") find a mysterious treasure map in Mikey's attic, apparently leading to One-Eyed Willy’s Pirate Ship. The Goonies set off on an adventure to find the treasure and save the Goon Docks while evading the criminal crime family known as the Fratellis, except with the help of Sloth, a brother to the Fratellis with a very distorted face, but with inhuman strength.

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*Not included physically, but playable in-game upon completing the Goonies level.

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The Goonies


  • In the movie, Chunk attempts to call the Sheriff for help, but he assumes that it's another prank call like "the creatures that multiply when you throw water on them", a reference to Gremlins. Coincidentally, Corey Feldman, who plays Mouth in The Goonies, also plays Pete Fountaine, a supporting character in Gremlins.
  • The portal for the Goonies has octopus tentacles, while there is not an octopus in the final cut of the film, there is one in a deleted scene, 2 of the Goonies are attacked by a giant octopus, Data warded off the creature with a radio.
    • Despite this, when the cops ask what was the scariest part of their adventure, Data says it was the octopus.
    • The Octopus actually appears in the Goonies level. The actual video footage can be seen here.
  • Game designers James McLaughlin and Arthur Parsons have said that the Goonies is their favorite movie.
  • While many of the franchises featured are based on more mainstream franchises, this one is an unusual case, as it is based on a cult film.
  • The Goonies Level will allow to players to play the full movie from Sloth's and Chunk's perspectives.
  • On a Reddit Q&A livestream, Arthur Parsons revealed that the Goonies characters will be receiving new audio.


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