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The Mercado Building is the third chapter of the 71242 Story Pack.

Story Mode Plot

The Ghostbusters discovered about the ghost hauntings in New York that someone is trying to manipulate the ley lines underneath the city's ground. Patty then reveals about her meeting with Rowan in the subway about the Fourth Cataclysm, which leads them to his workplace at the Mercado Hotel. After talking to the Desk Clerk of his whereabouts in the hotel, the group then tries to go down to the basement, only for the hotel to break down as electricity was cut off and the ghosts started to cause mayhem in the hotel. The group manages to bust the ghosts and find the way to power up the elevator to confront Rowan.

Once confronted, he claimed that society should treat him the same way as everyone else, and plotted to take his revenge against humanity by unleashing the ghosts into the world. The Ghostbusters did managed to defeat him and his calvary of ghosts, but he soon committed suicide before they can arrest him. Soon, the police and the city government found out about their attempt to control the problem, and told them to deny any involvement they have and that they (the police and the government) will take over the situation from them. This problem caused Erin to have second thoughts and unceremoniously left the Ghostbusters as the video of her claiming the existence of ghosts played out in the Times Square screen.


Citizen in Peril

Feig is trapped inside an Excursion Tunnel in the Aperture Science sercet area. You need a Flying Character or Vehicle to reach for the button that can shut it down while defeating a pack of Sentry Turrets guarding it.

Rule Breaker

  • 145,100 Studs

Abilities Needed to Complete the Level 100%


Main article: The Mercado Building/Transcript


  • The Hotel Desk Clerk will spout out nods to the 1984 Ghostbusters film, such as a mention of one of the Terror Dogs (namley Zuul the Gatekeeper), and several takes on Janine Melnitz's lines like "We've Got One!", "I've quit better jobs than this." and "Hello Ghostbusters, how can I help you?"
  • Bad Cop (and Good Cop) made an appearance at the end of the level among the other police.
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