This is the transcript page for the level The Phantom Zone.

The Batcave

  • Batman: How did he even decorate this place so fast?
  • The Joker: Hello Batman, what happened to your friends?
  • Batman: I don't need friends. I don't need anyone.
  • The Joker: You know what, Bats? For once I think you may be right.
  • Batman: What?
  • The Joker: In fact, I've decided there's someone that I really need to cut out of my life.
  • Batman: And who's that?
  • The Joker: Take a guess!
  • Batman: Wait--!
  • The Joker: Everybody! Let's go and blow up the energy plant! Grab a bomb on the way out. GO GO GO!

The Phantom Zone

Into The Phantom Zone

  • Barbara: "Code red! Batman and a child accomplice are attempting to infiltrate Arkham Asylum!"
  • Phantom Zone: That's not good.
  • Batman: "You put that kid on the next jet to the orphanage."
  • Phantom Zone: And that wasn't nice, either.
  • Batman: 'You mean nothing to me".
  • Phantom Zone: That doesn't do you any favours--
  • Batman: They were all taken out of context!
  • Phantom Zone: You even abandoned your friends.
  • Batman: No, no I was trying to protect them.
  • Phantom Zone: Well, why don't you see how that turned out?
  • Batman: I need to get down there and stop this!
  • Phantom Zone: Well, I don't understand. You left those people behind and now you want to save them?
  • Batman: Yes... Yes, of course I do!
  • Batman: I can fix this. I'll do whatever you want. You've just gotta let me go down there and save them!
  • Phantom Zone: Well...
  • Batman: And I'll send back the villains that escaped on your shift.
  • Phantom Zone: Okay, I'm convinced.

Wayne Island

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