• The Abilities are probably one of the most controversial things on this wiki from what I can tell. Lots of abilities have incorrect category names, misusage, and misplacement, some functionalities of abilities are made up, or some abilities just need clarification on whether or not they actually exist. This is why, I am asking anyone of you users out there, to help us staff to fix all of the abilities. Here are the new policies:

    1) Abilities categories and names should go by the names featured in the game, which can be found in the LEGO Gateway Menu or in hints given by X-PO throughout the game. If you find an ability with the wrong name, please notify us, or feel free to make the correct category and transfer all of the pages there.

    2) Some abilities have multiple functions, but this does not mean it is a separate ability. For instance, the Spinjitzu Ability has a function allowing the user to activate Screwjitzu Switches, this is a function of the Spinjitzu Ability, thus, the Screwjitzu Switches Ability category is not needed, and it was never said to be an actual ability in the game. As for Super Strength and Super Strength Handles, Super Strength Handles is listed as a sub-ability, so that stays.

    3) Some abilities are listed on pages stating that the character/vehicle/gadget has that ability, yet, in some cases, they don't. We need to figure out which abilities characters, vehicles, and gadgets have, and which abilities they don't have.

    4) Some abilities out there were never actually addressed in the game, and if you see an ability like that, it's best you find out if it is true. Sub-Underwater abilities are in fact true, so are One-Timed Use abilities, so don't worry too much about them.

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    • Alrighty! 

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    • I have found many characters with slurp access labeled as vent access. If anyone could fix it, as it is getting annoying.

      Also, nice post!

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    • I'll look through and see if I can fix those!  Glad to see that Spinjitzu is getting fixed at the very least!  I'm all for more organization.  This is the most complete and useful Dimensions resource online, and I hope to one day help this get 100% completed.

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    • I did not know much about abilities but I know that some of them is how should I say...exclusive to their subthemes. For exemple the Spinjitzu or CHI abilities are only used in Ninjago and Chima.

      But there is also abilities exclusive to characters. If someone did not understand what I mean with this I can tell you: For exemple the magic ability is only used by characters who has magic powers (Gandalf, Wicked Witch ect.).

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    • A FANDOM user
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