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Ideas for LD Franchises in The Future


The Flash


  • Super-speed
  • Timestream Travel (new ability, used with Cosmic Treadmills)
  • Phase (new ability, used with Phase Walls)
  • Super-strength (Supersonic Punch)
  • Wall Running
  • Heart Regeneration

Gadget: Particle Accelerator.

Voice: Grant Gustin.

Pack: Team Pack w/ Zoom.

Battle Arena: The Church of Savitar.

I am The Flash!
— When entering.
I got this.
— When solving a puzzle.
This isn't from Earth-1, guys.
— When unable to solve a puzzle.
So which Earth are we travelling to? Earth-2? 19? 38 maybe?
— When in the vortex.
You can't beat a Speedster.
— When encountering enemies.
Can't keep the scarlet speedster down!
— When respawning.
I gotta analyse this back at the lab.
— When collecting a Gold Brick.
Gotta run.
— When leaving.
A Time Mirage?
— When encountering The Flash.



  • Super-speed
  • Back-up (summons Time Mirages)
  • Electricity
  • Phase
  • Wall Running
  • Illumination (electricity)

Vehicle: Wells' Wheelchair.

Voice: Anthony Todd

Pack: Team Pack w/ The Flash

Battle Arena: The Church of Savitar.

I am the fastest man alive.
— When entering.
This is no challenge.
— When solving a puzzle.
I do not understand the point of this exercise.
— When unable to solve a puzzle.
I must conquer every speedster.
— When in the vortex.
Prepare for your demise.
— When encountering enemies.
I cannot be defeated with such ease.
— When respawning.
Another victory for the fastest man alive.
— When collecting a Gold Brick.
Never forget, I am the fastest man alive!
— When leaving.
There can only be one Zoom, and some copycat like yourself shall not take the role.
— When encountering Zoom.



  • Target (arrows)
  • Acrobatic
  • Explosion (explosive arrows)
  • Technology (hacking arrows)
  • Grapple (rope arrows)
  • Pole Vault (arrows)

Vehicle: Arrow Cycle.

Voice: Stephen Amell.

Pack: Fun Pack.

Battle Arena: Lian Yu.

Where's the problem?
— When entering.
Stand back.
— When solving a puzzle.
I left the arrow for this in my other quiver.
— When unable to solve a puzzle.
Oh! So this is what it's like for Barry when he travels universes!
— When in the vortex.
You have failed this city.
— When encountering enemies.
Did someone put me in the Lazarus Pit?
— When respawning.
I'd better get Felicity to analyze this back at the cave.
— When collecting a Gold Brick.
I have work to do.
— When leaving.
Prometheus?! No wait, Merlyn? What?
— When encountering Arrow.
Nice cosplay.
— When encountering Green Arrow.

Rip Hunter


  • Target (laser)
  • Intelligence
  • Character Change
    • Laser (as Heat Wave, with flamethrower)
    • Acrobatic, Agility (as White Canary)
    • Flight, Laser, Drone, Slurp Access (as Atom)
    • Freeze (as Captain Cold, with Cold Gun)
    • Super-strength, Diving, Orange Handles (as Vixen)
    • Invulnerability, Orange Handles (as Steel)
    • Flight, Laser, Technology (as Firestorm)

Vehicle: Waverider.

Voice: Arthur Darvill, Dominic Purcell, Caitlin Lotz, Brandon Routh, Wentworth Miller, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Nicholas Zano, Franz Drameh, Victor Garber.

Pack: Fun Pack.

Battle Arena: Timestream.

Arrowverse World

  • Starling City
    • Arrowcave
    • Queen Manor
    • Iron Heights
  • Central City
    • STAR Labs
      • Time Vault
      • STAR Labs Museum
  • National City
    • CatCo
    • DEO
  • Earth-2
    • Central City Police Department


Foundation Element: The List.

NPCs: John Diggle (David Ramsey), Felicity Smoak (Emily Rickards), Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes), HR Wells (Thomas Cavanagh), Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh), Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart).

Portal: Red, green, blue and grey backgrounds with eight symbols: An arrow, a canary, a bolt of lightning, technological sunglasses, the House of El emblem, a red X, the Firestorm symbol and a mace.

Character Ring & Hearts: Arrow hood and arrows.

Red Brick: Fastest Man Alive - Gives all characters super-speed and acrobatic.

Character Shift: Supergirl, Superman, Green Arrow and Harley Quinn will become their Arrowverse variants upon entering this world, with fitting audio and animations. It should be noted that Green Arrow becomes Speedy rather than the Arrow. Additionally, The Flash, Zoom, Rip Hunter, Steel, Vixen, Heat Wave, Atom, Captain Cold and Firestorm become their DC Comics variants upon entering DC Comics World.




  • Vine Cut (with Toy Knife, in Red SOUL)
  • Acrobatic (in Blue SOUL)
  • Deflect (with shield, in Green SOUL)
  • Grapple (with webs, in Purple SOUL)
  • Explosion, Target (with pellets, in Yellow SOUL)

Vehicle: Fight Act Item Mercy, Lesser Dog.

Pack: Level Pack (level is A Long Time Ago)

Battle Arena: The Barrier.

Minikits: Golden bones.



  • Pole Vault (bones)
  • Illumination (bad time eye)
  • Laser (Gaster Blasters)
  • Technology
  • Teleport
  • Bravery (new ability, used with Spooky Walls)

Vehicle: Determination Extractor.

Voice: Seán McLoughlin.

Pack: Fun Pack.

Battle Arena: Sans's Lab.

Mettaton EX


  • Electricity
  • Explosion (bombs)
  • Flight (rockets)
  • Super-strength
  • Timestream Travel (rewind)
  • Sonar Smash (microphone)

Vehicle: Mettaton Classic.

Voice: Mark Fischerbach.

Pack: Fun Pack.

Battle Arena: Mettaton Arena.

Undertale World

  • The Ruins
    • Toriel's Home
  • Snowdin
    • Snowdin Town
      • Sans & Papyrus's House
  • Waterfall
    • Mystery Room
    • Undyne's House
    • Snail House
  • Hotland
    • Alphys's Lab
      • True Lab
    • The CORE
    • Asgore's Throne Room


Foundation Element: Aster flower.

NPCs: Toriel, Papyrus, Undyne, Napstablook, Alphys, King Asgore.

Portal: A black base with eight Human SOULs. The six Human SOULs are at the side (three on each), Frisk's SOUL is at the top and Chara's SOUL (coloured a dark red) is at the bottom.

Character Ring and Hearts: Frisk or Chara's shirt and Delta Rune hearts.

Red Brick: In This World - All characters make Undertale-themed sounds, and become colourless when near an enemy or attacking.


Sam Winchester


  • Target (pistol)
  • Illumination (torch)
  • Acrobatic
  • Expert Lock Pick (new ability, used with Gold Locks)
  • Cursed Red LEGO Brick Destruction
  • Bravery

Vehicle: Dragon.

Voice: Jared Padalecki.

Pack: Team Pack w/ Dean Winchester.

Battle Arena: God's Bar.

Dean Winchester


  • Water Spray (holy water)
  • Cursed Red LEGO Brick Destruction
  • Sword Switch (draconic blade)
  • Target (the Colt)
  • Bravery
  • Expert Lock Pick
  • Super-powered Form (new ability similar to Chi Form, used with First Blade)

Vehicle: The Impala.

Voice: Jensen Ackles.

Pack: Team Pack w/ Sam Winchester.

Battle Arena: God's Bar.



  • Heart Regeneration
  • Magic (telekinesis)
  • Teleport
  • Diving
  • Illumination (holy light)

Gadget: Hex Table.

Voice: Misha Colins.

Pack: Fun Pack.

Battle Arena: Purgatory.



  • Heart Regeneration
  • Target (hellfire)
  • Teleport
  • Mind Control (possession)
  • Super-strength

Vehicle: Hellhound.

Voice: Mark Sheppard.

Pack: Fun Pack.

Battle Arena: The Cage.

Supernatural World

  • The Bunker
  • Heaven
    • Naomi's Office
    • Bobby's House
  • Hell
    • Limbo
  • Lawrence, Kansas
  • The Mystery Spot


Foundation Element: A Colt bullet.

NPCs: Bobby Singer (James Beaver), Charlie Bradbury (Felicia Day), Naomi (Amanda Tapping), Gabriel (Richard Speight), John Winchester (Jeffrey Morgan), Garth (Donald Qualls).

Portal: A dark brown base with a large red Devil's Trap, surrounded by blue flannel shirts, weaponry, supernatural relics and Death's Scythe.

Character Ring & Hearts: Anti-Possession Tattoo and the Mark of Cain.

Red Brick: Wayward Sons - All the character's eyes become black, like a Demon's.

Character Shift: The Wicked Witch will become her Supernatural variant upon entering this world, with fitting archive audio and animations.

Steven Universe



  • Deflect (Rose's shield)
  • Boomerang (Rose's shield)
  • Glide (floating)
  • Heart Regeneration
  • Mind Control
  • Fusion (S + A = Smoky Quartz, S + P = Rainbow Quartz)
  • Musical (new ability, used with Microphone Stands, used with ukelele)

Vehicle: Lion, Centipeedle.

Voice: Zachary Callison, Natasha Lyonne (archive audio).

Pack: Level Pack (level is The Fifth Crystal Gem, based on episode Bismuth).

Battle Arena: The Stadium Ruins.



  • Pole Vault (spear)
  • Acrobatic
  • Vine Cut (spear)
  • Illumination (gem light)
  • Fusion (P + A = Opal, P + G = Sardonyx, P + A + G = Alexandrite)
  • Heart Regeneration

Vehicle: Pearlbot.

Voice: Deedee Magno-Hall, Aimee Mann (archive audio), Alexia Khadime (archive audio), Rita Ahuja (archive audio).

Pack: Fun Pack.

Battle Arena: Gem Battlefield.



  • Super-strength
  • Orange Handles (gauntlets)
  • Invulnerability
  • Electric
  • Diving
  • Fusion (G + A = Sugilite)
  • Bravery

Vehicle: Ruby Starship.

Voice: Estelle Swaray, Nicole Minaj (archive audio).

Pack: Fun Pack.

Battle Arena: Diamond Zoo.



  • Grapple (whip)
  • Rope Swing (whip)
  • Accelerator (spin dash)
  • Big-Fig Transform (into Purple Puma)
  • Heart Regeneration
  • Fusion (listed previously)

Vehicle: The Slinker.

Voice: Michaela Dietz.

Pack: Fun Pack.

Battle Arena: The Geode.



  • Able to become high-tech or regular mode
  • Electric (high-tech)
  • Flight (high-tech)
  • Target (high-tech)
  • Hacking (high-tech)
  • Mini Access (regular)
  • Heart Regeneration (regular)
  • Technology (regular)
  • Fix-It (regular)

Vehicle: Homeworld Invasion Ship.

Voice: Shelby Rabara.

Pack: Fun Pack.

Battle Arena: Beta Kindergarten.

Steven Universe World

  • Beach City
    • The Temple
      • Garnet's Room
      • Pearl's Room
      • Amethyst's Room
      • Rose's Room
    • Funland
    • It's A Wash
  • Empire City
    • Empire City Hotel
  • Kindergarten Prime (TARDIS access)
    • The Forge


Foundation Element: Rose's sword.

NPCs: Greg Universe (Thomas Scharpling), Lapis (Jennifer Paz), Bismuth (Uzoamaka Aduba), Holly (Christine Pedi), Lars (Matthew Moy).

Portal: Base is the colour of Steven's shirt. There is a star on the bottom and a dark brown, cloud-shaped shape that looks like Steven's hair on the top.

Character Ring & Hearts: Steven's shirt and Rose's gem.

Red Brick: Gem Glow - All the characters' accessories and weapons glow a colour relating to that character (Batman's batarangs and grapple gun glow black, Wyldstyle's scanner glows magenta, Gandalf's staff glows grey, contact me for full list).

BBC's Sherlock



  • Tracking
  • Technology
  • Intelligence
  • Musical (violin)
  • Detective Scan
  • Deduction (new ability, shows name of characters, enemies, objects, puzzles, bosses, collectables, etc.)
  • Character Change into John Watson
    • Heart Regeneration
    • Target (gun)
    • Tracking

Vehicle: Taxi Cab.

Voice: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman.

Pack: Fun Pack.

Battle Arena: The Aquarium.

Jim Moriarty


  • Target (gun)
  • Super-strength (fire extinguisher)
  • Hacking
  • Tracking
  • Intelligence
  • Sonar Smash (gum and fire extinguisher)
  • Bravery

Vehicle: Hacked Television.

Voice: Andrew Scott.

Pack: Fun Pack.

Battle Arena: Baskerville.

BBC's Sherlock World

  • London
    • 221B Baker Street
      • Sherlock & John's Apartment
    • Appledoor
    • John and Mary's Wedding Ceremony (DeLorean access)


Foundation Element: Sherlock's cell phone.

NPCs: Rather than there being set characters from the show, there will be random civilians asking you for help on a case. The first six ones give you a Gold Brick each, whilst the ones after that will award you a blue stud.

Portal: The door to 221B, surrounded by a magnifying glass and a smoking pipe.

Character Ring & Hearts: Sherlock's scarf and magnifying glasses.

Red Brick: The Art of Deduction - Makes every character, vehicle and gadget their original size from their franchise.


Twilight Sparkle


  • Flight
  • Laser (magic beam)
  • Magic
  • Target (magic blasts)
  • Intelligence
  • Teleport
  • Character Change
    • Rainbow Brick Destruction, Electric (lightning clouds), Super-speed, Flight (as Rainbow Dash)
    • High Jump, Silver Brick Explosion (party cannon) (as Pinkie Pie)
    • Magic, Vine Cut (fabric scissors) (as Rarity)
    • Super-strength, Target (apples), Plant Growth (as Applejack)
    • Flight, Sonar Smash (the Stare), Drone (Angel Bunny) (as Fluttershy)
    • Mini Access (all characters)

Gadget: Friendship Map.

Voice: Tara Strong, Ashleigh Ball, Andrea Libman, Tabitha Germain.

Pack: Fun Pack.

Battle Arena: Canterlot High.



  • Silver Brick Explosion (exploding chocolate milk)
  • Flight
  • Slurp Access
  • Mind Control
  • Teleport
  • Phase
  • Water Spray (glass of water)
  • Grapple (Plunderseed vine)
  • Bravery

Vehicle: Cotton Candy Cloud.

Voice: Jonathan de Lancie.

Pack: Fun Pack.

Battle Arena: Discord's Dimension.

MLP:FiM World

  • Ponyville
    • Town Hall
    • Friendship Castle
  • Canterlot
    • Celestia and Luna's Castle
  • Manehattan
    • Rarity's Boutique
  • The Crystal Empire
    • Crystal Castle
  • The Changeling Kingdom
  • Our Town (TARDIS access)


Foundation Element: The Journal of The Two Sisters.

NPCs: Applebloom (Michelle Creber), Thorax (Kyle Rideout), Derpy Hooves (Ashleigh Ball), Starlight Glimmer (Kelly Sheridan), Princess Celestia (Nicole Oliver), Princess Luna (Tabitha Germain).

Portal: Canterlot, and the mountain it rests upon.

Character Ring and Hearts: Element of Magic and the Crystal Heart.

Red Brick: Ponification - Turns all characters into detailed ponies and gives them Mini Access. For example, Batman becomes an Earth Pony with a bat cutie mark. Wyldstyle becomes a Pegasus with a pink LEGO brick cutie mark. Gandalf becomes a Unicorn with an Elvish symbol for a cutie mark. Contact me for the full list of other characters' pony appearance.

Gravity Falls

Dipper Pines


  • Drone (crystal flashlight)
  • Slurp Access (crystal flashlight)
  • Big-Fig Transform (crystal flashlight)
  • Intelligence (Journal 3)
  • Mini Access
  • Technology
  • Timesteam Travel (Blendin's tape measure)

Vehicle: Mystery Cart, Shacktron.

Voice: Jason Ritter.

Pack: Level Pack (level is Weirdmageddon).

Battle Arena: Globnar.

Minikits: Infinity-Sided Die.

Mabel Pines


  • Mini Access
  • Glide (sweater parachute)
  • Grapple (grappling hook!)
  • Drone (Waddles)
  • Electric (Electron Carpet)

Vehicle: Oversized Hamster Ball.

Voice: Kristin Schaal.

Pack: Fun Pack.

Battle Arena: Mabelland.

Bill Cipher


  • Laser (turns eye into laser pointer)
  • Target (blue fire)
  • Phase
  • Mind Control (possession)
  • Pole Vault (cane)
  • Flight
  • Invincibility
  • Big-Fig Transform (Spider Bill)

Vehicle: Petrification Eye.

Voice: Alexander Hirsch.

Pack: Fun Pack.

Battle Arena: Weirdmageddon.

Gravity Falls World

  • Gravity Falls, Oregon
    • Mystery Shack
      • Universe Portal
      • Bottomless Pit
    • Northwest Manor
    • Mystery Fair
    • Dusk 2 Dawn
  • Nightmare Realm (TARDIS access)
    • The Fearamid


Foundation Element: Memory Gun.

NPCs: Grunkle Stan (Alexander Hirsch), Soos (Alexander Hirsch), Stanford (Jonathan Simmons), Wendy (Linda Cardellini), Pacifica (Jacqueline Buscarino), Dippy Fresh (Alexander Hirsch).

Portal: The Zodiac, with Journals 1-3 and the Amulet at its bottom.

Character Ring & Hearts: The Zodiac and pine trees/shooting stars/six-fingered hands, depending on if you're Dipper, Mabel or Bill.

Red Brick: Mabel Juice - Makes every character, vehicle and gadget pink coloured and sparkly.

The Legend of Zelda



  • Sword Switch (Master Sword)
  • Vine Cut (Master Sword)
  • Silver Brick Explosion (bombs)
  • Target (bow)
  • Timestream Travel (Ocarina of Time)
  • Musical (Wind Waker)
  • Acrobatic
  • Bravery

Vehicle: Epona, Gohma.

Voice: Nolan North.

Pack: Level Pack (level is Journey Across Hyrule)

Battle Arena: Dark World.

Minikits: Gold Skulltulas.

Princess Zelda


  • Laser Deflection (Nayru's Love)
  • Silver Brick Explosion (Din's Fire)
  • Teleport (Farore's Wind)
  • Magic
  • Illumination (Din's Fire)
  • Character Change into Sheik
    • Acrobatic
    • Stealth
    • Target (Deku Nuts)

Vehicle: Red Lion.

Voice: Tara Strong.

Pack: Fun Pack.

Battle Arena: Temple.



  • Sword Switch
  • Magic
  • Dark Magic (new ability, used with Dark Magical Objects)
  • Target (energy ball)
  • Glide (levitation)
  • Super-strength
  • Big-Fig Transformation (into Ganon)
  • Magical Shield

Vehicle: Trinexx.

Voice: Nolan North.

Pack: Fun Pack.

Battle Arena: Lorule.

The Legend of Zelda World

  • Hyrule
    • Hyrule Castle
    • Gerudo Valley
  • Termina
  • Skyloft
  • The Forsaken Fortress
  • Koholint Island (TARDIS access)


Foundation Element: The Triforce.

NPCs: Impa, Midna, Skull Kid, Groose, Medli, Marin.

Portal: A green base with nearly all of Link's items decorating it.

Character Ring & Hearts: Triforce and Green Rupees.

Red Brick: I Am Error - All studs become Rupees. Silver Studs are Green Rupees, Gold Studs are Blue Rupees, Blue Studs are Red Rupees and Purple Studs are Gold Rupees.

Once Upon a Time



  • Dark Magic
  • Magic
  • Target (fireball)
  • Teleport
  • Invulnerability
  • Vine Cut (Dark One Dagger)
  • Magical Shield
  • Mind Control (takes Heart)

Vehicle: Ogre.

Voice: Robert Carlyle.

Pack: Fun Pack.

Battle Arena: Rumpelstiltskin's Castle.

Once Upon a Time World

  • Storybrooke
    • Regina's House
    • Clock Tower
  • The Enchanted Forest
    • Snow's Castle
  • Neverland
    • Skull Rock
  • Wonderland
  • Oz
  • Land Without Colour (TARDIS access)


Foundation Element: Poison Apple.

NPCs: Regina Mills (Lana Parilla), Snow White/Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin), Henry Mills (Jared Gilmore), Prince Charming/David Nolan (Josh Dallas), Captain Hook/Killian Jones (Colin O'Donoghue), Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison).

Portal: The magic wardrobe with the doors opened. An apple, a hook, a golden heart, a snowflake necklace, a dreamcatcher and Jekyll's Serum are pinned to the portal's sides, the first three on the left and the last three on the right.

Character Ring & Hearts: The "O" in the logo and hearts designed similarly to the Dark One Dagger/Excalibur.

Red Brick: Dark One's Deal - The Magic Ability becomes quicker, the Dark Magic Ability becomes quicker, the Magical Shield Ability lasts longer, the Magic Portal Ability is given to all characters and Flight becomes faster.

Character Shift: The Wicked Witch will become her OUaT variant upon entering this world, with fitting audio and animations.

Marvel Comics

Iron Man


  • Laser
  • Target (missiles)
  • Silver Brick Explosion (missiles)
  • Flight (after level only)
  • Character Change
    • Laser Deflect (shield), Acrobatic (as Captain America)
    • Super-strength, Hazard Immunity (as Hulk)
    • Electric, Flight (after level only), Super-strength (Mjolnir) (as Thor)
    • Acrobatic, Electric (taser bracelets), Target (gun) (as Black Widow)
    • Target (arrows), Acrobatic (as Hawkeye)
    • Super-speed, Grind Rails, Accelerator (as Quicksilver)
    • Magic, Mind Control, Glide (as Scarlet Witch)

Vehicles: Hulkbuster, Chitari Chariot.

Voice: Robert Downey, Christopher Evans, Louis Ferrigno, Christopher Hemsworth, Scarlett Johanson, Jeremy Renner, Aaron Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen.

Pack: Level Pack (level is Age of Ultron)

Battle Arena: Thanos's Realm

Minikits: Iron Man's chest piece.

Marvel Comics World

  • New York
    • Avengers Tower
      • Stark Tower (DeLorean access)
    • Times Square
  • Wakanda
  • The Helicarrier
  • Asgard
    • Odin's Castle


Foundation Element: Loki's sceptre.

NPCs: Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg), Odin (Anthony Hopkins), Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson), Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman), Star-Lord (Christopher Pratt).

Portal: Designed to like like Iron Man, Hulkbuster, Hulkbuster's container, etcetera.

Character Ring & Hearts: The Avengers logo and Tony Stark's chest piece.

Red Brick: Amalgam Universe - All DC-related characters become their Amalgam form. Batman becomes Darkclaw, Superman becomes Super-Soldier, Supergirl becomes Spider Boy, Red Lantern Supergirl becomes Spider Boy 2099, Green Arrow becomes Goliath, Wonder Woman becomes Amazon, Cyborg becomes Deathborg, Aquaman becomes Aqua-Mariner, Joker becomes Hyena, Harley Quinn becomes Spiral Harley, Bane becomes Nuke, Robin becomes Sparrow, Batgirl becomes Black Bat, Beast Boy becomes Beastling, Starfire becomes Shatterstarfire, Raven becomes Trijenskot, Flash becomes Speed Demon, Arrow becomes Arrowcaster, White Canary becomes Canary, Firestorm becomes Sunstorm. All characters will have fitting powers, animations and audio.


Things that I like about LEGO Dimensions


1st is Doctor Who. 2nd is Harry Potter. 3rd is DC Comics.


Gameplay wise: 1st is Slimer. 2nd is Jake the Dog. 3rd is Wicked Witch/Gamer Kid.

Character wise (as in, what they are like in their respective franchises): 1st is The Doctor. 2nd is Hermione Granger. 3rd is Harry Potter.

Adventure Worlds

1st is Harry Potter World. 2nd is Doctor Who World. 3rd is Adventure Time World.


1st is The TARDIS. 2nd is Arcade Machine. 3rd is Enchanted Car.

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