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Hello I'm Sonic Hero22 and I'm a big fan of Lego dimensions and I hope to share my knowledge of my favourite franchises to expand this wikia. My favourite franchises are the Simpsons, DC comics, Back to the future, Midway arcade, Ghostbusters and the recently adied Sonic the Hedgehog, The A Team, knight rider and the Lego Batman movie and I hope I can be of use in improving these topics. I have gained a lot of experience since I began editing here but I may still make mistakes so if I've done something wrong please inform me and I will try my best to fix it. If you have any tips or knowledge to help me please don't hesitate to tell me via my talk page. That said by order of the people of the LEGO Dimensions wiki I'm now a content moderator so if you have any concerns regarding users or problems feel free to let me know. I have also played the role of Sonic in the Year 2 role play phase 1 and I hope to reprise my role as Sonic for future Lego dimensions RPs or Superman maybe I've always wanted to RP as him once.

The Fellowship of the Rift! (My favourite dimensions characters)

Vorton Batcave! (My favourite dimensions vehicles, gadgets and rebuilds)

My Dimensions collection

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My favourite Dimensions franchises

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